September 11



Read this article.

1. Based on what you know about this attack and the article you have read, think about the best way to commemorate this date.

2. Find a video or antircle in which a witness tells what he sawthat day and express your feelings.












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11 Responses to September 11

  1. abril lopez says:

    1) The best way to commemorate this date for me is doing a mass in Saint Patrick Cathedral praying for all the Innocent people who died in the tragedy. I think this is the best way because in this type of dates you cannot do something happy because you are commemorating a sad date.
    Here it is a video at the begging it says that it is from CNN but it isn’t this is a video that the person who did it picked up a lot of parts from the attack for the one who watch it could see what happened exactly.
    I don’t have a lot of words to say because every word means the same, it is very sad that the people do this things because a lot of innocent died. another feeling that i have inside i’m a little bit angry because this kind of attacks are terrible i can’t stand them they are like aaaaa!
    well hope you like my answer kisses

  2. Delfi D´Alessandro says:

    1. I think it would be great that every 9/11 be a holiday, so that familys could condmemorate the victims and not do anything else. Also, in the National 9/11 memorial, to light a candle for each victim at night, and at 12 o´clock to blow it out.

    2.I found the videos on the memorial web page.
    Here is a video to anounce that the memorial is open with victim´s families and people who were there at the moment:
    Here is a vedio of the stories of the survaival people and loss:

  3. candela zufriategui says:

    I think that the president can call all the relatives of those who died in the attempt to the twin towers to the place where the towers were and say the names of them. In the same act the president could ask to all citizens of the U.S.A for ten minutes of absolute silence and after that time all the country together pray for the people who died in this attempt.
    This is the video:

    That was very sad, it was a very big attempt and lots of innocent people died and one of the
    witnesses of my video said that he was in the 1st floor and he could escape but he saw lots of people jumping out of windows, If I were him I will be nervous and very scared .It was terrified.

  4. Ignacio Gallegos says:

    1. I would contruct a place full of flawers and trees. In that place a big metal thing with all the names of the people who died. Also security all the day in honor of the peple.
    2. 9/11/01 was a tragedy in wich lots of people died.
    This is the video I found:

  5. Tadeo says:

    1)I think that the best way to commemorate this date is making a mass between all the religions of the world, praying for the death people and their families and for the world peace.There is going to be a man or women that will represent their religion. In our case it would be the Pope. The place would be in a park near to the 1 World Trade Center. A new prayer would be created, talking about the dead people and that God is taking care of them very kindly. The family of the death people would have the place to sit and remember with peace the death of their relative. There is going to be a stage. On the wall backwards the stage it will be the faces of all the death people and of Osama Bin Laden because he killed all this people. There is going to be candles. But not any amount of candles there it will be the certain quantity of candles that the death people in the terrorist attack.This event would be televised for all the world.

    He is desperate and astonished with what happend.
    I am very unhappy with the attack and all the deaths. I can not think that the terrorist attack occurred in the U.S.A. I cannot believe what happend.

  6. mateo vidal says:

    1.- I think the best way to commemorate the september 11 attacks is that the President of the United States give a special speech to welcome the rest of the people to the new towers.

  7. achu acuña says:

    i think the best way to conmmemorate people that died at the 9 -11 -2011 attacks is : making a special room at the world center in manhatann and in that room should be all the photos and names and history of the people that die there and every 11 of september theres would be a miss in memory of that people.

    2)in this video is one man that was at the floor 81 shouth tower and he was working when the plane crash in front of him (he survive)
    my fellings are very sad .And i wish to ask this to the al quedA: WHAT DID YOU GOT DOING THIS . YOU HAVE KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOR NOTHINGG.


  8. Franco Demaria says:

    1) For me, the best way of conmemorating the victims of the accident of the twin towers is to remember them. These people should not be remembered for what happened to them, instead for who they where. The only way that a person can live for ever, is in the minds of people who remember it.
    This video is acusing Ossana Binladen. I can not tell if everything is true… I wish it weren’t.

  9. juli molmenti says:

    1)for me a good idea would be to build a church on the site of the twin towers with the names of those who died written on the walls of the church. and each11 September commemorate a mass on behalf of these innocent people. and when the Mass ends beyond a march in memory of them with fireworks and music


    i´m very sorry of waht happend that day and i think that a lot of inocent people died and coud have lived much more but now they cant because they were killed.

  10. Lucas.P says:

    1)I think that they should commemorate the people of the accident by constructing a new building in the place were the towers were with the names of the people in the accident all over the wall.
    2) am a sorry of the victims and the familiys of theirs.I also feel angry because they killed people with no reason.

  11. Mechi Anelo says:

    1- The best way to commemorate this date is to make a minute of silence in all the world or at least the most of it. And that the people recognize that was a mistake to do that.


    It show the second plane crashing while two people are making coments.

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