History Final Exam

Las Cumbres                                             2011


Final Exam Junior 7


  1. Prepare a glogster (3 posters) or a prezi presentation to show your knowledge in one of the following topics:
  • Renaissance.
  • Protestantism vs. Catholicism.
  • French Revolution and American Revolution.
  • Reformation in England.
  • Charles I and Oliver Cromwell.
  • James I and the gunpowder plot.
  • The British Empire and factories.
  • The British Empire and slaves.
  • The three stages of slavery.


Use your books and the internet


  1. Send the link to my email: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar in a word document together with a short paragraph in which you say why you chose the topic and why you believe it is important in history. (You can also share it with me in a google document)


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