London Riots !

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Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

  • Which of these 3 articles is more complete in your opinion? Why? What information do you find useful?
  • Explain what happened in your own words and say what the government should do.
  • Suggest a video for your partners to see. Say why the video is interesting.
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15 Responses to London Riots !

  1. Mateo Vidal, Josefina Zubizarreta and Clara Burgio says:

    1) We think the most interesting article is the second one because it has the more complete information about what happened in London. There is a lot of useful information in this article, like when the prime minister said that the police will remain during the weekend also.

    2) A lot of riots started protesting because of the lack of education, of work and political ideas, so they started attacking all over England. We think the government should reforce all these sites and should tell the riots they will support their ideas.

    3) We think th is video is interesting because it explains what happened with details. If you haven`t read what happened, this video will help you understand.

  2. Pipe Reynal e Ignacio Gallegos says:

    1) We think the most complete article is number 2 because it has images, videos, interviews, personal opinions, lots of details and a lot of information about the people, the police and the debt the government has.

    2) A man involved in drugs and drinks who had been in prison before shot a policeman from a taxi but he didn’t kill him. In consequence the police shot him and kill him. A lot of immigrant people (Muslims and Asiatic) in the UK made a riot because they didn’t like what the police had done, they also wanted to make a riot so they used this fact as excuse to behave like uncivilized people. There were also English people defending these others. In consequence of these riots 900 people (some young men) were arrested. This act lasted many days. The government should help the family of the dead man and talk to these people in the riot because nothing justifies killing somebody.

    3) We chose this video because we think it shows everything happened in London these days: burned and broken cars, people crushing glasses, people with masks insulting the police, buildings in fire, that there were lots of policemen, etc. The link is:

  3. Abril And Bruce says:

    We found that the most complete article was the BBC one because it explains you everything in a way that you can undestand, it explains you details, and the two other articles one talk about the money they have to pay and the other talks about buisness instead the BBC article it has all the information togheter and it is clear. We found a lot of information useful so we copy it here for you to see:
    ¨On Wednesday night the Met made a number of arrests in connection with the attack on the Sony DADC warehouse in Enfield, looting in central London and an arson attack on a furniture shop in Croydon.The Sony warehouse, which stored CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and games, was gutted in the blaze which was tackled by 40 firefighters on Monday.¨

    ¨ A Hugo Boss store and a bureau de change on Sloane Square were attacked between Monday night and the early hours of Tuesday before the looters targeted shops in Pimlico Road, police said.¨

    ¨The disorder on Monday night began in Hackney and spread to Croydon, Clapham, Camden, Lewisham, Peckham, Newham, East Ham, Enfield, Woolwich, Ealing and Colliers Wood.¨

    2) We read in another article, that what has happened was that, some people were unemployed or fire from their works and so they did a riot, another reason was that the teenagers who didn´t have a work or an job had nothing to do so they went with this people and join the riots, the thing is that this expand a lot and cause a lot of damages for london and anothe places, the consecuencies were that Huggo Boss, Sony Entretaiment, and onther shops were burned, A lot of people arrested, a lot of people finished in hospital etc. We think that the goverment should have drastic measures, should let all the people in jail that cause something there forver.
    Here it is the link it has 2 videos that we didnt see them because it says that has a lot of bad words or insults, thats why we didnt see them. ¨¨
    (this is part form the article that is clear)
    ( “The reasons for this are complex and cultural,” said Harkin. “And they can’t simply be explained by money. It’s more a sense that people really have no stake and it’s a sense that either people are underemployed or if they’re 11-years-old, they simply don’t have much to do.”)

    3) Here it is the video¨¨ This video is interesting because it has all the images that happened it has the part of the violence, the fire, all the people with mask for not to be discovered all the police trying to stop the REVOLUTION, It doent have bad words or insults and it has high definition for you to see better all the details. hope you like it
    And this was all our work enjoi it+

  4. Balta, Juli y Mechi says:

    1) In our opinion the most complete and useful is the article number two, the one of BBC News. Because it shows what happened in diferents poih aolso there is another page that help us too: . This page is about the Muslim boy that was killed by the police.

    2) Few days ago a 29 year old muslim boy called Mark Duggan was shot by a police officer and died. He was in a car being followed by the police during a covert operation on Thursday. The story begins when duggan shot a officer from Scotland Yard’s elite firearms squad CO19 in the side of his chest with a handgun. But Mark Duggan’s death was just the spark that ignited the powder magazine and spent a peaceful protest a wave of looting in several neighborhoods. Shops were looting and burning in Brixton, , Tottenham and Brixton are two of the biggests areas of London with unemployment and economic problems. Even the violence has spread to the city of Birmingham, north. More than 900 people have been arrested over violence.Police were criticized for what was perceived as a slow reaction to the events of Saturday, where apparently there were looting and vandalism for hours before police did. In a statement, officials said their priority was to “defend life”.

    3) VIDEOS

    juli blasta y mechi

    • Mateo Vidal says:

      I think it is a good work because it has lots of information and websites too and it shows lots of efforts too.

  5. Delfina Freixas says:

    1) We think the best article is the second one, because it shoes a lot of information about what is happening in every part of London because of the fire.
    The part that most impact us is when it talk about the teenagers. “A 15-year-old boy and a man aged 25 are being held on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life. A 21-year-old man arrested over the attack has been bailed until September.”

    2) Riots started because they were losing their jobs or because the bad education there was. They started fireing everythng, the fisrt it was a factory.
    We think the goverment should involve more on it and give conferneces about it, and think of other mesures for people that fire things.


    It shows how big and is the fire and how it’s seen.

    Juan and Vicky

  6. Estani Correa y Franco Demaria says:

    3. Well, look at this. It shows most of theattacks between the english police and the people. It s a bit too violent, but it shows the way people react in front of these kind of situations.

  7. Delfi Urso y Sofi Achaval says:

    1. We think that the article 2 is the most complete because it gives us a more complete information with details of why does this started, and, information of the consequences of what happened.
    2. In London, teachers and students staged a protest against the idea of tripling the cost of universities. The cost was 9000 pounds per year. In the midst of this protest, they destroyed a building of the governing Conservative Party.
    We think that this video is very useful because it shows us the people in the barricade atacking the bulding.

  8. Tadeo, Lucas and Santi says:

    We did not find very useful information in this articles so, we looked for one in the web page: chose this article because it tells you the causes and it give you two different opinions about the riots .Thanks to this page we found why the riots started. But if you ask us what was the most useful web page it was number 2 because it has different topics. Like who are the rioters? That is a very interesting topic and the one about David Cameron too.

    Everything started when a man called Mark Duggan died in an exchange of gunfire with the police. After all there was a demonstration because of his death. People say some people take advantage of this to be violent .Another cause is that England has many immigrants .the government must concentrate in two things. The economy and the riots. The economy because his currency is going down. The riots because they are destroying everything.The government is only concentrating in the imposing deep cuts in public spending and rising taxes led to help eliminate a budget deficit that peaked at more than 10 percent of GDP.

    3)This video is interesting because it shows what it real happened. The violence and the fire.

    • Mateo Vidal says:

      Good Good it is really a good idea to look for new websites to find information and to put lots of websites too.

    • abril lopez says:

      I thiink it is good work because it is very complete. the video is very good and i liked the idea of looking for another web page because they didnt find it usefull, we did the same kisses!

  9. Sofi y Achu says:

    1) In our opinion the second article is the most complete, because it have a lot of tittle and the information that give us , is so important. Is important because they put details but the ones that are usefull for exaple: they say how many people was in this trouble, and they told us when the problem started to expand. They tell us ALL the story, And the first article only tell us what the journalist and people think and say.
    2) On Monday in London was burn a Sonyshop At the north of london because of a fire. There was a met in Pimilco to talk about the warrants of the looted shops. The first minister said that he had reforced the policemans because the group of stealers started to expand, now they are like 16.000 that are going to stay all weekend. On wednesday night it was all controlled except of one problem , There was a group of people that attack policemans with a gun at the south of London. There were 127 people arrested. Two new detention because of the fiar in reevens , a furniture place.
    The 240 people aprox that was on the tribunal with A DETENTION were younger than 18 years old. We have to causes of buring and stealing places: The guilty people are one little boy of eleven years old and one of 31 years. They confess for steal in a Debenhams shop, and the other situation A 15-year-old and a 25 year old man is arrested on suspicion of arson with intent toendanger life. A 21 year old man arrested for the attack has been bailed until September. We think that the government have to put more laws and ocupate and control the situation.

  10. delfi dalessandro y cande says:

    We chose the second one because it have a lot of information. Is more complete and isn`t so specific. It is also the whole articles together and it is easy to understand. The most important part for us is the beginning, were it said in what place are the problems, what people and the prime minister said. And how many people were arrest.
    Everything started after a small peaceful march protest, because the costs of
    education there, and the death of a musulman young man (he had 29 years old), killed by a police man. In the protest the police started firing(all in a deprived area of Totten ham). After that the people got mad and started to do vandalism, they started to burn bulidings and bins.And the police couldn’t stop them, they were too many, so the people have to protect their houses and locals. . and we think that the prime minister should change the costs of education, or, put more cameras and police man everywhere.
    This one shows the people fighting against police and how many police man were there, very few.
    This one is very similar but is in this one much more riots doing vandalism. They write “revolution”on the wall.

  11. Achu y Sofi G :) :) says:

    Pato here is the video:
    We think that is video is intresting because it shows you the fire in that moment and what happend in the moment that all started .
    Achu y Sofi G 🙂 😉

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