(1) What do you like about the movie Inception? You may talk about the plot, action, visual effects, emotions and music, etc.

(2) Which scene is your favorite? Describe what happens before, during and after. Explain why it is your favorite scene.

3) Who is your favorite character? Why? Describe this person by mentioning their physical appearance, personality and how they remind you of someone in your real life.


1) If you were Cobb who is capable of entering the dream of a target person, whose dream would you go into? What information would you extract from that person’s subconscious mind?

(2) If you were Cobb, would you shoot Mal who is just a projection in the hospital?

(3) If you could design a totem for yourself, what would it be?

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9 Responses to Inception

  1. mateo vidal says:

    1. The idea of affecting an idea of your head. It is interesting.

    2.The one when Eames is a girl and is alone with Saito. After that Cobb was talking to Fisher. Then they were talking in the elevator. After Eames gets to one suite.

    3. Fisher, because he is very intellectual and he is tall and very tin. They remind me my uncle.

    4. My grandfather, when did he get such a good idea of making the two national bridges.

    5. Yes, because he is just a projection, she is not real.

    6. A king of chess.

  2. Mechi Anelo says:

    Maru: i couldn’t mke the other questions because the first time i wasn’t present and the second one i went to the theater. That’s the reason i only made two
    questions (the ones i could).

    1- i would get into April’s mind. The information i would extract is: if she is worried, nervous or in love, because i would help her and give her advice.

    3- It would be a rabbit because i like eating vegetables, i’m shy and cute.

    Kisses, Mechi

  3. Franco Demaria says:

    1. What I liked the movie was the idea of extracting information form someone´s mind by hacking their subconscious. I thought this was very original. I also liked the special effects where they play with physics and perspective.

    2. There were actually several I liked very much. One of them was the scene where they turn the earth around. Another one is the scene where they connect the stairs. I think I like these scenes best because they were very well done, had a lot of imagination and it blew my mind.

    3. My favourite character was obviously Radney, because she is smart, she understood the problem between Cobb and Mal right away and helped him to confront it and because she is hot 🙂

    1. If I had Cobb´s skills I would go into a woman´s mind because I can never understand them.

    2. Yes, I would shoot her because she is just a projection.

    3. As a totem I would use the cross I have around my neck. I would make it hand as a pendulum. If it stopped after a while I would know it was real life. If it did not stop I would know it was a dream.

  4. Lucas.P says:

    1)How they can make their own world and how they organize and that when they build the world the make every detail.

    2)The part when they are in the snowy place and they plan how to enter the base and take some secret papers.Because it has action.Cobb finds a projection of Mal.

    3)The friend of Cobb.Because he is very intelligent.He is always calm and when they are in trouble he always has an idea.He is usually serious but he isn’t bad with people.

    1: if i were Cobb i would enter a teacher’s dream so i can take the answers of the exams.

    2:Yes because she isn’t a real person,she is just a person that was imagined.

    3:A book.If i am in a dream all the pages would be blank but in real life they are written.

  5. candela zufriategui says:

    What I realy like about the movie was that when you sleep, you appear like in another world were you could not die. That is good because you could extract information from someone´s mind and know what he/she thinks Without being in danger. I also liked the music because I think that in this movie the music makes you feel the suspense and the emotion In the parts that have pursuit.
    I like the scene that the one that handles the car that have the people that was sleeping , crash, this did that the car fall from the bridge to the water. And the movie was showing you what was happening in the dream while the car was falling. (In the dream 5 real-life minutes are a half an hour).
    My favorite character was the wife of the protagonist because she is beautiful, she has very nice hair and finaly I realy like how she act (her character was crazy).


    If I were Cobb who is capable of entering the dream of a target person, I would go into mechi’s and April’s mind because I think that is funny and interesting to know what they have in their minds (if ther are angry or happy).

    Yes, if I were Cobb I would you shoot Mal because she is not real, she didnt have feelings and she is just a projection in the hospital.

    If Icould design a totem for myself it would be a Lipstick that when you are in real life It does not paint the lips, but when you are in a dream It paints you the lips with a red color.

  6. abril lopez says:

    What i liked about the movie was the original plot, taking info. by dreams it’s like very “cool”and original,and the music was amazing. i don’t like action movies but i have to say that this one was good.

    My favourite scene is when they are in the snow trying to escape, because it has “power” that scene and it is entretaing.

    My favourite character is Ariadne because she is smart, she is thin she beautiful she remind me my godmother.
    I would get into my dog’s mind because i don’t understand it, she is so wear.

    Yes because she is just a projection

    It would be a red rose because it’s a beautiful flower but it has “espinas” that means that i could be bad sometimes.

  7. Delfi u says:

    1- What I like of this movie is the idea of get in others mind and take information.
    3-Fisher because she is very intelligent.
    1-Into an animal because I would like what did they think.
    2-I’ll do it because she wasn’t real.

  8. Delfina D :) says:

    1) I like the idea of the movie in general. I also like when they get on the dreams, what happen there.
    2) My favorite scene is when Cob and Radney are walking in that strange world, with all the streets upside down, that’s why is my favorite. Before they were drinking a coffee and everything explode, they wake up. After they were walking and the people in the dream started attacking Radney.
    3)I like Cob, he’s handsom, not so tall, thin, very clever and he knows to fight. I like him because is Leonardo Di Caprio and he acts fabulous! He reminds me my father in a young version, not physical, but he is an archicter and he’s very serious.
    4) I thin i would get in Guillermo franchela’s mind because he is a great actor and i want his tricks!
    5) Yes, because she is not real.
    6) A mini statue.

  9. Tadeo says:

    1)I liked the movie because a lot of things .The thing that I like about this movie is the music because when its a scene of suspense there was a classical music that makes you to enter in the scene, and when it was a scene of action there was an action music that makes you to enter in the movie too.I did not like then plot because I do not like science fiction movies .I liked the visual effects because they were well done because they look real.I liked the actors because Leonardo acts very well and his dead wife too.The actor that i liked more is leonardo’s dead wife because i like her’s character.

    2)The scene that i liked more is the one with Leonardo and the girl that they are in a dream walking and its her first dream.He is explaining she all about the dreams.It is my favourite because the visual effect o the city that goes up.

    3)My favourite character is leonardo’s wife because she is the problem of Leonardo.She has black and short hair , blue eyes and she is thin.She is stobern because she did not hear Leonardo when he is saying her not to suicide because she will die.She remembers me Delfi.d because she is for me stobern as the character.


    1)I will go to my teachers mind .My marks will be the information that I will exxtract.

    2)No, because i love her if i were Cobb.

    3)An earaser because I collect them.

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