Read about the Mona Lisa!

Read the article, watch the video, read other articles related to this one and say what calls your attention about the Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa


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  1. mateo vidal says:

    I say that what calls my attetion are the secret codes that are possibly existing in the eyes of the Mona Lisa it might be a treasure very valuable for anyone around the world.

  2. Bruce says:

    strikes me that the Italians say that the “Mona Lisa” is a replica of the La Joconde.

  3. Lucas.P says:

    That there are many questions like: who was she?,or, was she famous?why did Leonardo painted her if she was married with Francesco del Giocondo: money?love?

  4. Ignacio Gallegos says:

    What calls my attention about the Mona Lisa is to know that maybe Leonardo didn´t painted her, he was only inspired in her. It also calls my attention that the painting is always “looking at you” from any place you are watching it. It’s also interesting to know that the Mona Lisa was stolen three times and that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte. Now it’s at the museum of Louvre in Paris.

  5. Franco Demaria says:

    The most amazing thing about the Gioconda is the expression on her face. If you cover her eyes and look at her mouth, she seems to have a wide smile. But if you cover her mouth and look at her eyes, she looks angry or sad. Now, if you look at her whole face, she seems to have a calm but mysterious smile, as if she kept a secret for herself.

  6. Vicky says:

    What calls my attention is that maybe the Mona Lisa existed, and Leonardo got inspired by her, and that maybe he didn´t really paint and he wasn’t a great person like everyone thought it was.

  7. Juan says:

    It calls my the attention that there are a lot of questions in that painting like we dont know if she is smiling or not we dont know where she´s looking and we dont know if she is angry or happy.The other and the most important mistery is the secret codes that are her eyes.

  8. abril says:

    what has called my atention of Mona Lisa is that she was beautiful but she was married when leonardo painted her, and another thing is her face has somehting strange, the painting it is to0 old… it’s amazing i really like it. when i grow up i will go and see it.

  9. achu acuña says:

    i watched this video and here in the video they compare 1 image of the mona lisa and 1 of leonardo da vinci ,and they ar very very similar with his eyes, nose,mouth,frente,etc .
    then its says that they put a duquesa called isabellla that if you put an imge of isabella and one of the joconda and they were exactly the same but with of leonardos face.

    it call my attention her face ,and her eyes and that some people says that she was sad because she was pregnant or that some people says that she has two dresses in the paint or that she has a secret code in her face
    achu 🙂 🙂

  10. Mechi Anelo says:

    What calls my attention is: that Mona Lisa existed, we know a lot about her,we can visit were she lived, that maybe Mona Lisa’s eyes hide a secret code, when you look at her you can feel that she is following you with her eyes and Napoleon had the Mona Lisa painting. Now is in the Lourve Museum in Paris. Is the most famous painting in the world because: the technique of Leonardo’s painting(sfumato) and that the Gioconda(Mona Lisa) is very beautiful and misterious.

  11. juli molemti says:

    what calls your attention about the Mona Lisa is that no one know who is the person depicted in the painting, was it leonar as a women ? or it as Lisa Gherardini ? what also calls my attention is that supposedly the mona lisa eyes hide a code I dot think so but im not a scientific, for me is only a coincidence or perhaps lisa´s eyes hides a real sicret.

  12. josefina says:

    Mona lisa is considered the most famous portrait of all time.What calls my attention about her, is that some people say that from whatever angle your looking at her from, it always as if she were looking at you. also, its very mysterious how through her eyes, there’s a type of code so its as if there was some type of treasure or myrtery to solve.
    scientist have looked closly and found leters and numers in the portrait. In the left eye, an L and on the right eye, an S and on the background, the numer 72. They also say that this could of been a portrait of a pregnant woman because of the position os the painting:

  13. Delfina D says:

    What calls my atention is that why Leonardo Da Vinci got interested in a common woman like Lisa B. then how he painted her eyes and her mouth because it seems that she is looking at you whatever you are and you don’t know if she is serious or happy. Also how historians can found her house and who she was and when she lived and died.

  14. candela zufriategui says:

    That calls my attention was the enigma around Mona Lisa’s famous smile, you don’t know if she is happy or sad,around her eyes that seems to be looking at you and some people thinks that hide a secret code, as well as her identity is an enigma too. Among the innumerable speculations, there were conjectures that she was the artist’s mother, a noblewoman, a courtesan, a prostitute or even a man.

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  16. Tadeo says:

    The thing that call my attention of the Mona Lisa is the mistery of the origin because we do not know what inspired Leonardo.People say that who inspired Leonardo was a man or a noble women. When I saw the Mona Lisa it was strange because i was 10 metres away of the painting and she was like a real person because it has the size of a person the painting.Their eyes watch always and sthg that call my attention was that when I was angry I saw her sad and when i was happy i saw her mouth happy.

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