Here’s something interesting!

Watch this very interesting video on how to search info in the web in a much more precise way. Tell us what you think about it! Hope you enjoy it!

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7 Responses to Here’s something interesting!

  1. mateo vidal says:

    it is a good form of search pages so Its goood but I cannot tell more because it was very short.

  2. achu acuña says:

    i dont understand all the video but the parts i understand they were very good and very practical.

  3. Ignacio Gallegos says:

    I think the video is right. We have to be more especific in our searchings because there could be millions of results for only one word. But if we start saying more details about the search we will be for sure much closer to the answer we are looking for.

  4. Mechi Anelo says:

    I think this video is very useful. It explains a lot about how to search and how it works, for example: Google. I learnt a lot with this video!

  5. Franco Demaria says:

    I think it´s a very useful and efficient way of searching information in the internet. The video explains very well what to do and how to do it.

  6. juli molmenti says:

    this video is right when ypu serch for something a lot od options apear ut if you put more worls the serch is better

  7. Tadeo Helou says:

    I think this video will help us a lot at secondary school and now in junior 7 too. It is a great video and I understood it .We will search for things more especific and efficient ,it is very useful!

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