Last Friday we watched Knowing, an amazing thriller starred by Nicholas Cage. At the beginning of the movie a time capsule is buried to be removed 50 years later. Junior 3 students were asked to draw what the future would be like in that time. Imagine they asked you to write a message for kids your own age living in 2061, what would you say to them? Comment on that.

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19 Responses to Knowing

  1. Lucas.P says:

    My name is Lucas. I am twelve years old, I live in 2011.I would like to know what is the world like in your year but i can’t. I imagine the future with flying cars and peaceful people. I wish I’m right

  2. Abril says:

    Hi if you are reading this I suppose it is the year 2061!! My name is Abril. Well I will tell you some things that happen in 2011: cars don´t fly haha. This would be so exciting!
    the clothes that are cool are short, t- shirts, shorts, high sandals, mini skirts, etc.
    emm… I don’t know what else I can tell you…
    the cellphones now are touch, the i-pods too, the netbooks are so so so small hahaha
    emm….. well I leave you now but I send you kisses and I like this idea of the time machine
    kisses from the past to the future ABRIL

  3. Mateo Vidal says:

    It was a good movie for entertainment and also to reflect on this question: Is there any life on other planets? Apart from that it was a good movie to see so: I want another one!

  4. Tadeo Helou says:

    Dear Kids of the Future,
    I am Tadeo an adult of 61 years .I recommend you to do all your homework ,to eat a lot of chocolate and that you do not talk to robots beacuase they are evil.

    See you in the year 2061,


  5. Ignacio Gallegos says:

    Boys and girls of year 2061,
    Hi. 50 years ago I went to to a school named Las Cumbres. I think now it has changed a lot or maybe it doesn’t exist. How do you see year 2011 now? In this time we were starting to have 3d technology and high definition movies. What is technology like now? I wonder if you could answer me.


  6. Mechi Anelo says:

    I’m Mechi and I want to tell you what I love of 2011: technology is amazing! the Apple things are fantastic…..I have an ipod touch…..but there are a lot of things more! The cars don’t fly and use oil.The people live about 70-80 years.Do people live more years in 2061?In the future I think that food will be pills.Isn’t it?
    Mechi from the past.

  7. candela says:

    Hi kids of the future,
    I advice you to be good with your family and friends, have a lot of fun and learn all you can.
    This will be very useful.I know because I’m an adult of 61 years old.

  8. Vicky says:

    I´m Vicky Gonzalez Narvarte and today I have 12 year old. Know to have fun we use the computers, the TV and the playstation, but I sure that now you have fun whit other stuff, better technologie. Enjoy it.

  9. Delfi D :) says:


    My name is Delfina D´alessandro and when you reed this I will be 73 years old.When I was your age I liked to go to buy clothes, eat chocolate and talk (a LOT) with friends…I´m sure that you think it is boring and that today you go to the Moon to have dinner! That would have been very exciting in the past!
    Good luck,
    Delfi 😛 (if you know what 😛 means)

  10. juli molmenti says:


    My name is Julia.Now in 2011 I’m 12 years old. I study in a school named “las cumbres”. I know that this name is a little bit wierd but I like the school, I hope that in the future you have no schools. IT’s not that it is bad but…. you know no child likes school SO much.You have homework and if you don’t do it you are in a really BIG problem,because teachers get mad with you sometimes, so in conclusion it is better to skip school,convince your parents of not going to school.
    juli !!!

  11. juan landolfo says:

    I am juan landolfo and I am twelve years old.I recommend you not to pay a lot of attention in class,just a bit,have fun with your friends and when you grow up don´t drive too fast your flying car.

  12. achu acuña says:


    I am Azul Maria Acuña . In 2011 i was 12 years old ,now i am 72 years old and sometimetimes i miss the 2011,2010,2009,etc because on those years i had a lot of fun. For example one year i went to disney world with 2 friends and we had a lot of fun .or another year i went to ENCANTAR(mar del plata ) with some of my school mates and it was very funny .
    kisses achu

  13. juan landolfo says:

    i am juan again pay attention in class but have fun with your friends too.

  14. Clara Burgio says:

    Hi im Clara Burgio and at the moment im 12 years old.
    I would like you to know that being a child is wonderful so don´t waste your time and live you life 😀
    Good luck!

  15. sofi gilligan says:

    My name is sofi Gilligan and in 2011 I am 11 years old, in 2061 I will be 71 years old and I will miss beeing a little child, I will remember that I always said I wanted to be an adult but it isn’t so funny haha … kisses

  16. felipe reynal says:

    I’m Pipe and I liked the movie, the ending not so much but it was great. I imagine the future with peace in the world and flying cars and we have to enjoy all the moments we are with friends and family.

  17. Franco Demaria says:

    Hi, I am Franco, and if you see me walking down the street you will probably see a 62 year old man. I don’t know if there are still flying cars in 2061 but you will surely have better technology than ours. Does grass shine at night, do cows fly or something weird like that? Do you still have to do your homework, clean up your room, wash your teeth and take a bath? I hate that. My advice is write a book, have a child, plant a tree and enjoy your life!

  18. josefina says:

    dear kids of 2061:
    I’m josefina and I’m 12. For those who wonder how it is (or was) like in 2011, well its pretty good. We’ve got pretty advanced technology like ipod touches, ipads cellphones cameras ect… I imagine the future with flying cars robots and all those things
    byee see you all in the future xD

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